Build Environment Overview

What This Guide Covers

This guide provides an overview on the different environments in which Travis CI can run your builds, and why you might want to pick one over another.

Virtualization environments

Each build runs in one of the following virtual environments:

The following table summarizes the differences between the virtual environments:

  Ubuntu Precise Ubuntu Trusty Ubuntu Trusty OS X
Name Sudo-enabled VM Container-based Sudo-enabled VM OS X
Status Current Default as of August 2017 Current Current
Infrastructure Virtual machine on GCE Container Virtual machine on GCE Virtual machine
.travis.yml sudo: required
dist: precise
sudo: false
dist: trusty
sudo: required
dist: trusty
os: osx
Allows sudo Yes No Yes Yes
Approx boot time 20-50s 1-6s 20-50s 60-90s
File system EXT4 AUFS EXT4 HFS+
Operating system Ubuntu 12.04 Ubuntu 14.04 Ubuntu 14.04 OS X
Memory 7.5 GB 4 GB max 7.5 GB 4 GB
Cores ~2, bursted 2 ~2, bursted 2

Deprecated Virtualization Environments

Historically, Travis CI has provided the following virtualization environments.