IP Addresses

Knowing the IP addresses of the build machines Travis CI uses can be helpful when you need them safelisted to access your internal resources. Since builds run in a variety of different infrastructures, the IP ranges to safelist depend on the infrastructure your builds are running on.

Infrastructure NAT hostname Current DNS Last recorded IPs
OS X nat.macstadium-us-se-1.travisci.net A recs
Linux nat.gce-us-central1.travisci.net A recs,,,,,,,,,,,
Windows nat.gce-us-central1.travisci.net A recs,,,,,,,,,,,
(all combined) nat.travisci.net A recs (sum of all above)

Note that these ranges can change in the future, and the best way to keep an updated safelist is to use the current A records for the NAT hostname shown above, such as by using dig:

dig +short nat.travisci.net | sort

or using a service like dnsjson.com to interact with JSON:

curl -s https://dnsjson.com/nat.travisci.net/A.json | jq '.results.records|sort'

Note that the IP addresses used for notifications are different.

More details about our different infrastructures are available on the virtualization environments page.

Notification #

We will announce changes to this set of IP addresses with a 24 hour notice period. We recommend you use the DNS record to keep track automatically, but if you require a manual notification, you can subscribe to the mailing list: