Building a Erlang project

What This Guide Covers

This guide covers build environment and configuration topics specific to Erlang projects. Please make sure to read our Getting Started and general build configuration guides first.

Erlang builds are not available on the OSX environment.

Choosing OTP releases to test against

Travis CI VMs provide 64-bit Erlang OTP releases built using kerl. To specify OTP releases you want your project to be tested against, use the otp_release key:

language: erlang
  - 18.2.1
  - 17.5

For precise versions pre-installed on the VM, please consult “Build system information” in the build log.

Default Test Script

Travis CI by default assumes your project is built using Rebar and uses EUnit. The exact command Erlang builder will use by default is

rebar compile && rebar skip_deps=true eunit

if your project has rebar.config or Rebar.config files in the repository root. If this is not the case, Erlang builder will fall back to

make test

Dependency Management

Because Erlang builder on assumes Rebar. is used by default, it naturally uses

rebar get-deps

to installs project’s dependencies as listed in the rebar.config file.

Build Matrix

For Erlang projects, env and otp_release can be given as arrays to construct a build matrix.

Environment Variable

The version of OTP release a job is using is available as: