Using CCMenu with Travis CI

Screenshot of CC menu

CCMenu is a little tool for the OS X status bar to keep track of your repositories’ latest build status from the convenience of your Mac.

CCTray is the equivalent tool for your Windows environment, BuildNotify for Linux systems. The general instructions apply to all of them.

They were originally built for use with CruiseControl, but they work just as well with Travis CI, and you can use either to poll your Travis CI repositories and have their status show in the menu bar or tray.

Using the CC feed with repositories

Open source repositories use the URL scheme<owner>/<repository>/cc.xml to access the CruiseControl feed. They’re served directly from our API.

Screenshot of public CC feed

Private repositories use a different URL scheme, served from a different API endpoint:<owner>/<repository>/cc.xml?token=token>.

Screenshot of private CC feed

Private repositories require an authenticated URL with a token in it. You can find the token in your profile:

Travis CI user token

By default, the feed will fetch the status of the default branch of the repository. To specify a different branch, use the branch parameter:

  • For open source projects use<owner>/<repository>/cc.xml?branch=<branch>
  • For closed source projects use<owner>/<repository>/cc.xml?token=<token>&branch=<branch>.

Using the CC feed with accounts

The above technique only allows you to add one repository at a time, which can be unwieldy for team members of organizations with several repositories they’re working on. Rather than specify the owner and the repository, you can simply specify the owner and select a subset of projects.

  • For open source projects use<owner>.xml
  • For closed source projects use<owner>.xml?token=<token>.

CCMenu will show you a list of all the available repositories you can then add in single, swift action.

Screenshot of CC feed listing

Pretty handy!