The Windows Build Environment

What This Guide Covers #

This guide explains what packages, tools and settings are available in the Travis Windows CI environment (often referred to as the “CI environment”).

Take note that our Windows environment is in early stages and a minimal subset of what’s available on Linux or macOS is currently supported.

Support #

Early adopters of our Windows environment can ask their questions/report issues in the Windows category of our Community Forums.

Using Windows #

To use our Windows build infrastructure, add the following to your .travis.yml:

os: windows

Windows Version #

Only Windows Server, version 1803 is currently supported.

Chocolatey #

Chocolatey, the package manager for Windows, is installed and can be used to install Windows packages.

Git BASH #

Git BASH is the shell that’s used to run your build. See Git for Windows for more details.

Powershell #

Powershell can be used by calling powershell in your .travis.yml file for now. We are looking into adding first class Powershell support very soon.

File System #

VMs running Windows use the default file system, NTFS.

Supported languages #

  • c (language: c)
  • cpp (language: cpp)
  • Node.js (language: node_js)
  • Rust (language: rust)
  • Go (language: go)
  • Bash variants (language: shell, language: sh)

Pre-installed Chocolatey packages #

  • 7zip
  • cmake
  • curl
  • dotnet
  • git
  • hashdeep
  • jq
  • llvm
  • microsoft-build-tools
  • mingw
  • ruby
  • visualstudio2017buildtools
  • wget
  • winscp
  • wsl