Launchpad deployment

This page documents deployments using dpl v1 which currently is the default version. The next major version dpl v2 will be released soon, and we recommend starting to use it. Please see our blog post for details. dpl v2 documentation can be found here.

Travis CI can get Launchpad to automatically import your code from GitHub after a successful build, which is useful if you are building and hosting Debian packages.

To automatically trigger an import:

  1. Register a project on Launchpad and then import your GitHub project there.
  2. Generate an API access token that we can use to trigger a new code import. Please make sure that the oauth_consumer_key is set to Travis Deploy.
  3. Add the following to your .travis.yml
  provider: launchpad
  oauth_token: "YOUR OAUTH_TOKEN"
  oauth_token_secret: "YOUR OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET"

It is recommended to encrypt both your oauth_token and your oauth_token_secret.

The slug contains user or team name, project name, and branch name, and is formatted like ~user-name/project-name/branch-name. If your project’s code is a git repository, the form is ~user-name/project-name/+git/repository-name. You can find your project’s slug in the header (and the url) of its page.

Launchpad slug

Encrypting your OAUTH tokens #

It is recommended that you encrypt both OAUTH tokens using the Travis CI command line client by removing them from your travis.yml above and running the following commands:

$ travis encrypt "YOUR OAUTH_TOKEN" --add deploy.oauth_token
$ travis encrypt "YOUR OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET" --add deploy.oauth_token_secret

The resulting .travis.yml looks like this:

  provider: launchpad
    secure: KmMdcwTWGubXVRu93/lY1NtyHxrjHK4TzCfemgwjsYzPcZuPmEA+pz+umQBN\n1ZhzUHZwDNsDd2VnBgYq27ZdcS2cRvtyI/IFuM/xJoRi0jpdTn/KsXR47zeE\nr2bFxRqrdY0fERVHSMkBiBrN/KV5T70js4Y6FydsWaQgXCg+WEU=
    secure: jAglFtDjncy4E3upL/RF0ZOcmJ2UMrqHFCLQwU8PBdurhTMBeTw+IO6cXx5z\nU5zqvPYo/ghZ8mMuUhvHiGDM6m6OlMP7+l10VTxH1CoVew2NcQvRdfK3P+4S\nZJ43Hyh/ZLCjft+JK0tBwoa3VbH2+ZTzkRZQjdg54bE16C7Mf1A=