Billing Autorefill

Auto-Refill #

Enable the Auto-Refill feature to ensure you don’t run out of credits.

The Auto-Refill feature is available to all users who provide their credit card details and register to a usage-based plan or purchase credits add-on under a concurrency plan. This feature is not available for Free Plan users. Find the Auto-refill under: Settings -> Plan tab -> Credits section -> Credits tab.

If you wish to set a different refill threshold and refill amount, please contact support at

How it works #

Activating the Auto-Refill option allows you to continue building in case your monthly or annual credits run out. Whenever your credit balance drops below a certain threshold, a set amount of credits will be purchased and upon a successful transaction added to your account.

Enable this option to select a threshold amount and a refill amount of credits to continue building. The Plan you are on determines what selection add-ons are available for you. Press Apply to confirm the newly set Auto-refill values so whenever the account is below the set threshold, your credits replenish immediately and not at the start of your next build.

To stop credit replenishment, simply disable the Auto-refill option

The Auto-Refill option is not available for users on manual plans.

Billing #

After each refill, Travis CI sends an email notifying if the payment succeeded or if it failed. If payment fails, credits won’t replenish until payment succeeds. An invoice/receipt is issued for successful credit purchases that you can obtain via your Settings -> Plan tab.