Billing Autorefill

Auto-Refill #

Currently, Travis CI sends an email notifying you when you are running low on credits to refill your credits. Now, you can choose to enable the Auto-Refill feature to ensure you don’t run out of credits.

The Auto-Refill feature is available to all users who provide their credit card details and register to a usage-based plan or purchase credits add-on under a concurrency plan. This feature is not available for Free Plan users. Find the Auto-refill under: Settings -> Plan tab -> Credits section -> Credits tab.

If you wish to set a different refill threshold and refill amount, please contact support at

How it works #

Activating the Auto-Refill option adds 25,000 credits to your balance each time your credit level drops below 5,000 credits. Users can switch off the Auto-Refill feature at any time.

For usage-based plans, whenever your credit balance, drops below a certain threshold, a set amount of credits will be purchased and upon a successful transaction added to your account.

For concurrency based plans the Auto-Refill applies only, if the account owner has purchased credits in order to use credit-based feature, like higher instance size or macOS builds.

Once credits are added to the account and auto-refill is enabled, going below a certain threshold triggers the transaction to refill your account with a set amount of credits.

Billing #

After each refill, Travis CI sends an email notifying if the payment succeeded or if it failed. If payment fails, credits won’t replenish until payment succeeds. An invoice/receipt is issued for successful credit purchases that you can obtain via your Settings -> Plans tab.