Embedding Status Images

You can embed status images (also known as badges or icons) that show the status of your build into your README or website.

For example, this badge shows the build status of the travis-web repository: Build Status

The URLs for status images are shown on your Travis CI Repository page:

  1. Click the status image in the top right to open a dialog box containing common templates for the status image URL in markdown, html, etc.

    add to Github

  2. Select the branch and template in the dialog box.

  3. Copy the text and paste it into your README or website. You should now be able to view the

Build status images for public repositories are publicly available on Travis CI.

Build status images for private repositories include a security token.

Screenshot of private repository badge

This token is only used to access the build status image, but we recommend you not use it on a publicly available site.

Travis CI pages show the default branch’s result #

On the pages on Travis CI, we show the result of the most recent build on its default branch. For example, for docs-travis-ci-com, this is the master branch.

If the default branch does not have any branch build, the status will remain unknown, and shows:

unknown status image

Note that PR builds do not affect badge status.