Building a Scala project

What This Guide Covers #

Language versions and other build-environment specific information are in our reference pages:

Scala builds are not available on the OS X environment.

The rest of this guide covers configuring Scala projects in Travis CI. If you’re new to Travis CI please read our Tutorial and build configuration guides first.

Overview #

Travis CI environment provides a large set of build tools for JVM languages with multiple JDKs, Ant, Gradle, Maven and sbt.

Specifying Scala versions #

To specify Scala versions in your build:

language: scala
   - 2.9.3
   - 2.10.6
   - 2.11.11
   - 2.12.2

On Ubuntu Precise, to use Scala 2.12.X you need to enable Oracle JDK 8 by adding jdk: oraclejdk8 to your .travis.yml.

Projects using sbt #

If your project has a project directory or build.sbt file in the repository root, the Travis CI uses sbt to build it.

Thanks to paulp/sbt-extras the sbt version of your project is dynamically detected and used.

sbt Dependency Management #

Travis CI automatically pulls down sbt dependencies before running tests during the script phase of your build.

sbt Default Script Command #

The default script command is:


to run your test suite.

To use a different script command, customize the build step.

Custom sbt Arguments #

You can override sbt and JVM options by passing extra arguments to sbt.

For example, to run compile and test with different JVM parameters:

  - sbt -jvm-opts travis/jvmopts.compile ... compile
  - sbt -jvm-opts travis/jvmopts.test ... test

You can also specify extra arguments to be passed to the default build script with the sbt_args key in your .travis.yml.

For example

sbt_args: -no-colors -J-Xss2m

will generate

script: sbt -no-colors -J-Xss2m ++$TRAVIS_SCALA_VERSION test

Projects Using Gradle, Maven or Ant #

If your project is not configured for sbt, the build process behaves like a typical Java Project.

Testing Against Multiple JDKs #

As for any JVM language, it is also possible to test against multiple JDKs.

Using Java 10 and Up #

For testing with OpenJDK and OracleJDK 10 and up, see Java documentation.

Build Matrix #

For Scala projects, env, scala, and jdk can be given as arrays to construct a build matrix.

Environment Variable #

The version of Scala a job is using is available as:


Examples #