Minimal and Generic images

What This Guide Covers #

Travis CI supports many popular programming languages, but can never hope to support them all. language: minimal and language: generic are images available in Ubuntu Focal dist: focal, Ubuntu Bionic dist: bionic, Ubuntu Xenial dist: xenialand Ubuntu Trusty dist:trusty, that are not tailored to any particular programming language. As their names suggest, language: minimal is optimized be faster and use less disk space, and language: generic to have more languages and services available.

Note that language: minimal is not the same as omitting the language key, if you do that the default language is set to Ruby.

Defaults #

As neither minimal or generic are tailored to one particular language, there are no default install or script commands, so remember to configure these in your .travis.yml.

Minimal #

The minimal image contains:

Generic #

The generic image contains everything from minimal, and also the usual databases, services and language runtimes:

For specific details of what is on the image consult the build update.

Aliases #

Setting the language key to bash, sh or shell is equivalent to language: minimal.