The Ubuntu Linux Build Environments

Overview #

This page gives an overview of the different Ubuntu Linux distributions you can use as your CI environment.

You can choose one of the following distributions:

Using Ubuntu Linux distributions #

To use our Ubuntu Linux build infrastructure, you can choose between the distributions above.

Default #

We use Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 as default. You find more about packages, tools and settings in Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.

Ports #

Travis CI Linux build images do utilize default open ports as follows:

53 for dns, 22 for ssh, 323 for ntp,
68 for dhcp

On top of that, some of the services pre-installed in the build image or installed during execution of the build job execution as dependencies (e.g. database engine or docker) may occupy additional ports. Travis CI build image configuratione doesn’t override such defaults.

If in any case during a build job you run into a situation a port you want to use is occupied/not available, please re-run the build using following nestat call in your .travis.yml at the beginning of the script phase or directly before the step, which you suspect clashes over occupied ports.

# select proper step in your build execution and add this line before it
 - sudo netstat -tulpn

to show all open ports occupied during the build job runtime.

Using Xenial #

To use Ubuntu Xenial, add the following to your .travis.yml.

dist: xenial

Travis CI also supports the Windows Build Environment, macOS Build Environment and FreeBSD Build Environment.

Migration Guides #

As Precise and Trusty are EOL by Canonical, try updating to a newer image and see our Precise to Trusty Migration Guide and Trusty to Xenial Migration Guide.