Build Environment Update History

2017-09-06 #

This update applies to Ubuntu Trusty stacks on both sudo-enabled and container-based execution environments, as well as the Beta Android stack built on top of Ubuntu Trusty.

Schedule #

2017-09-06 16:00 UTC

Added #

  • installation of the ant-optional package for ant junit support
  • running dpkg --add-architecture i386 at bootstrap time
  • directory at ~travis/.bash_profile.d for sourcing user-level arbitrary things at shell init time
  • definition of _JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx2048m -Xms512m" and MALLOC_ARENA_MAX=2 on container-based only.

Changed #

  • mysql configs to optimize for execution speed
  • pre-installed PHP versions 5.6.31 and 7.0.22
  • pyenv 1.1.3, plus changes to ensure pyenv versions works correctly
  • packer 1.0.2
  • elasticsearch 5.5.0
  • firefox 55.0.2
  • clang 3.9.0
  • gradle 4.0.1
  • maven 3.5.0
  • mercurial 4.2.2
  • shellcheck 0.4.6
  • shfmt 1.3.1
  • pre-installed tools that are typically updated at job execution time:
    • gimme 1.2.0
    • nvm 0.33.2
    • yarn 0.27.5

Deprecated #

This is the final image release for the sugilite stack, which has been fully replaced by the separate amethyst and garnet stacks. We don’t expect this to negatively impact any users, as the only value for language that will be dropped is the unsupported __sugilite__ string.

Removed #

  • patch to /etc/init.d/redis-server for ignoring ulimit exit code, as this is now part of the packaged version
  • inclusion of uname -r in system info, as this is more accurately reported at job execution time

Fixed #

  • mysql privileges for all 'travis'@ and 'root'@ users
  • python virtualenvs with system site packages

Security #

  • All APT-managed packages updated to include latest security patches.

Details #

stack-specific diffs #