This page documents deployments using the next major version dpl v2, which currently is in a beta release phase. Please see our blog post for details. The current default version is dpl v1. Check dpl v1 documentation here.

Be sure to read the v2 deployment overview.

Travis CI can automatically deploy files to Convox after a successful build.

For a minimal configuration, add the following to your .travis.yml:

  provider: convox
  app: <app>
  rack: <rack>
  password: <password>
  edge: true # opt in to dpl v2

Status #

Support for deployments to Convox is in development. Please see Maturity Levels for details.

Known options #

Use the following options to further configure the deployment.

host type: string, default:
app required, type: string
rack required, type: string
password required, type: string
install_url type: string, default:
update_cli type: boolean
create type: boolean
promote type: boolean, default: true
env_names type: string or array of strings
env type: string or array of strings
env_file type: string
description type: string
generation type: integer, default: 2
prepare Run commands with convox cli available just before deployment — type: string or array of strings

Shared options #

cleanup Clean up build artifacts from the Git working directory before the deployment — type: boolean
run Commands to execute after the deployment finished successfully — type: string or array of strings

Pull Requests #

Note that pull request builds skip the deployment step altogether.

See also #