Enterprise Workspaces & Cache

This page contains operations manual level information about Workspaces and Cache in Travis CI Enterprise.

Cache vs Workspaces #

Cache, aka Build Cache, is configured file bucket which serves a purpose as a cache for build artifacts. Users of Travis CI Enterprise may put or pull to/from the Cache the build artifacts. Cache is meant for items used in different builds.

Workspaces, aka Build Workspaces, is a kind of cache, but with specific goal in mind: serves a purpose to share artifacts/files between jobs within the same build. The main use case is when a binary or library (or other dependency) requires rebuilding before any other build job within build may progress. Workspaces are introduced in Travis CI Enterprise starting from version 3.0.53.

Both features are technically specifically configured file buckets, accessed during a running build.

Workspaces configuration #

Workspaces are configured much like Cache - in the Travis CI Enterprise platform admin application. The configuration is technically propagated to travis-build service during runtime.

There’s a new menu called “Workspaces UI Settings”, where specific configuration items must be provided in order to enable feature for the end users.

TCIE Workspaces Settings

Please note

Workspaces are meant for short-lived artifacts.

It is recommended to:

  • use separate file bucket than the one used for cache, both for security and maintenance reasons
  • have a file bucket configured with auto-cleanup policy (TCIE is not performing any housekeeping on the file bucket) - default recommended time is 3 hours, which equals default max time of a single job running uninterrupted under certain conditions
  • make sure your infrastructure hosting build image instances has connectivity to the file bucket configured for workspaces

Workspaces usage #

Please see our documentation for end-user facing usage instructions for Workspaces.

Please read also about build stages in order to create streamlined set of jobs, which can be used e.g. for pre-building a short lived artifact in first steps of build pipeline.