Setting up Travis CI Enterprise Worker Machine

The Travis CI Enterprise Worker machine manages build containers and reports build statuses back to the platform. It must be installed on a separate machine instance from the Platform. We recommend using compute optimized instance with 8vCPU and 16GB RAM running with Ubuntu 16.04 or later.

Prerequisites #

  1. Enterprise 3.x or Enterprise 2.x Platform is set up
  2. You need the RabbitMQ password and the hostname from the Platform Dashboard.

Setting up the Worker #

  1. On your virtual machine management platform, create a Travis CI Worker Security Group

    If you’re setting up Worker image for the first time, you will need to create a Security Group or Firewall rules. From the management console, create an entry for each port in the table below:

    Port Service Description
    22 SSH Allow inbound SSH traffic in order to access Worker Machine from your local machine.
  2. On your new virtual machine, download and run the installation script:

     $ curl -sSL -o /tmp/
     $ sudo bash /tmp/ --travis_enterprise_host="<enterprise host>" --travis_enterprise_security_token="<rabbitmq password>"

Installing Workers behind a web proxy #

If you are behind a web proxy and Docker fails to download the image(s), when you run the worker installation script, edit /etc/default/docker and set your proxy there. Then rerun the installation script.

If you need Docker itself to use an HTTP proxy, export it before each docker command:

export http_proxy="http://proxy.mycompany.corp:8080/" docker <COMMAND>

Older versions of Travis CI Enterprise #

Travis CI Enterprise Version Default Worker Version Alternative Worker Versions Worker Status
Enterprise 2.2+ Trusty (14.04) Precise (Legacy, 12.04) Deprecated
Enterprise 2.1.9+ Precise (Legacy, 12.04) Trusty (14.04) Deprecated
Enterprise 2.0+ Precise (Legacy, 12.04) Deprecated

After setting up a new instance for the worker, please follow the respective guides for your Travis CI Enterprise version.