Obtaining Travis CI 3.x license

In order to obtain your Travis CI Enterprise 3.x license, please follow instructions below.

New customers #

Please refer to general Travis CI Enterprise information for instructions.

Existing customers #

  1. Contact Travis CI support team providing:
    1. Your customer email (the one in currently active license)
    2. A hostname, where the deployment will be done (using wildcard format, *.yourdomain.here)
    3. Will you be using GitOps to manage your k8s cluster? Y/N
    4. Will your installation be air gapped? Y/N
      The number of seats and other license parameters will be transferred from your current active license.
  2. Our Support Team will issue to you a Trial License for 60 days in order to enable your tests and database migrations.
  3. After your tests are completed and you have an environment ready to go, please contact Travis CI Support, requesting a production license for Enterprise 3.0. If after issuing your Enterprise 3.0 license reflecting your license conditions we don’t hear from you within a week or so your existing Enterprise 2.x license will be invalidated.
  4. Please contact our Travis CI support in any other cases.