Status Images

With Travis CI, you can embed little status icons into your project's README or general documentation. That way, visitors of your projects or site can immediately see its build status.

Here's an example from one of our repositories. Fingers crossed it's green when you're reading this:

Build Status

Fetching the Build Status Embed Code

The URLs for status images are available on your repositories' page on Travis CI.

You'll find the most current status image in the top right.

Clicking that will reveal a dialog that allows you to copy and paste the URL and ready to use templates for common markup formats, like Markdown or Textile.

Make sure to select the right branch in the dropdown. The default URL, without the branch parameter, will return the status for the latest build, on any branch. Selecting the desired branch makes sure your image only displays the status for the branch whose stability is most relevant.

You can manually change the branch later, when pasting it into your documentation, should the right branch not show up in the branch dropdown.

Build Status Images on Travis CI Pro

Build status images for public repositories are publicly available on Travis CI.

But for private repositories, make sure to fetch the full URL shown in the dialog, as we include a little token for security reasons.

This token is only used to access the build status image, but we recommend you not use it on a publicly available site.