Validate your .travis.yml

What This Guide Covers

This guide covers travis-lint, a small tool that validates your .travis.yml file to help you discover common issues. If you are looking for info about putting your project on, start with the Getting Started guide.


.travis.yml validation Web app is the easiest way to to validate your .travis.yml file.

Using the travis-lint command-line tool

If you have Ruby 1.8.7+ and RubyGems installed, you can use travis-lint to validate your .travis.yml file. Get it with

gem install travis-lint

and run it on your .travis.yml:

# inside a repository with .travis.yml

# from any directory
travis-lint [path to your .travis.yml]

travis-lint is young but improving and we are incorporating more and more checks for common issues as we learn about them from users.